Qkr payments and permission forms

Did you know that you can make school related payments and complete your child’s permission forms with Qkr

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Did you know that you can make school related payments anywhere and at any time of day or night that suits you?


Did you know that you can now also complete your child’s permission form if required at the same you make your payment? *


Qkr! by MasterCard makes this possible

(payment can be made using your MasterCard or Visa).


If you don’t already have Qkr installed, simply download the Qkr! by MasterCard App for free from Apple’s app store for iPhones (iPads should also download the iPhone app) or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets. On the Qkr app tap the magnifying glass on the home screen and type PLENTYPPS. Why not download it today and take a look at our school on Qkr! and start making your school payments on Qkr!


* If you are already a registered Qkr userplease be sure to check that you are using the latest version of the Qkr app (3.5.256 Android or Apple) so that you are able to access new features. 


All feedback to the school office is very welcome.