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2017 Parent Payment

Just a reminder that the Parent Payment/Book pack order form which was sent out on Thursday 8th September, is due to be returned to school by Friday 14th October. We need to let our supplier know how many book packs we are ordering at each year level.

Year 1 to 6 book packs will be available for collection from the hall on the 9th of December.

Prep book packs will be available for collection on the final transition day, Thursday 17th November. 

Year 2 Day Camp

The year 2 campers are due back at 5:30pm. For further updates, please check the school's Facebook page.

Year 3 Camp Update

Just spoke to Mr. Jessup. The 3 year campers are about 40-45 minutes away. Keeping our fingers crossed that the traffic isn't gridlocked in Plenty Road...