Camp Updates


Year 5 Camp

Thursday, 20th April, 2017

Ms Gouramanis called this morning at 9.00am

The weather is fantastic and all kids have had their breakfast.

Kids are enjoying their activities and today they have prepared for survivor activities, which they are looking forward to.

Last night they had  Chicken Parmigiana for dinner and had a movie night in the cinema room.

All are well and enjoying their stay. Expected time for their return tomorrow is 3.00pm.

Wednesday 19th April

Ms Gouramanis called this morning at 8.30am.

Weather is beautiful. They had a camp fire last night and for dinner they had Salad, garlic bread and Lasagna.

They are now getting ready for Survivor activities for this afternoon.

Everyone is having a blast. 

Tuesday 18/04

Ms. Gouramanis called at 12.30pm.  Kids travelled well and are very excited. Weather is spectacularly sunny, cool breeze but great.  Everyone now settling into their rooms. 

They are having lunch now followed by three activities.  After dinner they will be having a camp fire which the children are looking forwad to it.  They are still expected to return back from camp at 3pm.